Grunge prostitution

During the summer of 2011 I spent a week reading through part of a collection of Girl Zines at the Sophia Smith Collection, Smith College. These often contained personal and often explicit reflections on life and sexuality by young people, mainly girls and young women. The following comes from a special supplement to Sassy titled Ben is Dead, from 1994.

“It had to happen…grunge prostitution” by Amlee Jordan.

Bixy is 23, lives outside Seattle. Recalls in college she was in an all-girl band, but then had to start stripping to support her boyfriend who had a bad drug habit. One of her teachers liked to see her perform [she was, after all, a performance major]. She witholds his name but says that he suggested she shift to prostitution. “He really spelled it out to me, told me that time was money, ya know? He really taught me about how the world works. Why would you spend three hours stripping in some over caffeinated espresso bar, he said, when you could be in someone’s hotel room for 30 minutes making the same amount of money and having time left over for your band and your schoolwork?”

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